Experience a virtual interactive cleanroom
Digital technology helping students, pharmacists, technicians, and other industry professionals gain hands-on experience.
a. history of Penguin Innovations
b. who we are

Penguin Innovations

We have commercialized a USP <797> virtual cleanroom for students, pharmacists, technicians, and other industry professionals to gain hands-on experience creating sterile, accurately prepared, high quality products.
c. why a virtual cleanroom

No physical cleanroom available

The virtual cleanroom provides an option for those lacking access to a physical cleanroom. The virtual environment provides students the opportunity to practice sterile product preparation in a USP <797> compliant environment.

$1 Million to create physical environment

The cost to build an actual USP <797> compliant cleanroom has been estimated at between $260 and $520 per square foot. Minimally, an expenditure of $1 million would be required to create a functional live unit.

Need to train students in USP <797>

USP <797> provides the standards for safe preparation of sterile products in all pharmacy settings. USP <797> is a training essential for pharmacy and pharmacy technician students. Techniques must be assessed annually for those involved in preparing low and medium risk products and semiannually for those preparing high-risk products.
d. who it’s built for

Providers of curriculum-based education.

pharmacy schools worldwide
US graduates annually

Professional organizations and credentialing bodies.

pharmacists in the US
pharmacy technicians in the US

Pharmaceutical industry and device manufacturers.

The Virtual Interactive Cleanroom program offers a unique opportunity for students, healthcare professionals, and employees of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to gain customized access to a sterile environment in a safe and unobtrusive manner.

Current Users

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