Viewpoint on Virtual Laboratories by John Hamlin

Jul 9th, 2021 • Published, Resources
Pharmacies and laboratories have evolved extensively over time with innovative designs and easy and safe delivery of drugs and medication to hospitals and care homes. Initially, pharmacies were regarded as an intermediate step between laboratories and hospitals. However, with advancements in technology pharmacies now play an important role as a substitute for hospital care in … more »

A Virtual Clean Room to Teach USP 797 Regulations for Intravenous Medications

Feb 17th, 2016 • Published, Resources
Sheetal Patel, PharmD,¬†Ashley H. Vincent, PharmD, Steven R. Abel, PharmD, Carolyn M. Jacobs, PharmD, Steven R. Dunlop, MBA, and Megan Seibert, PharmD Objective. To provide a virtual environment for pharmacy students to learn United States Pharmacopeia Chapter 797 (USP 797) requirements, while recognizing the role of pharmacists in the safe use of intravenous (IV) medications. … more »
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